Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ajdjss Guild "Spring Cleaning & Treasure Hunt" Event on Artfire

The Ajdjss Guild "Spring Cleaning and Treasure Hunt" Event starts on April 17th and runs through May 1st.

There are three ways to visit all our shops.
  1. Search in the handmade section for "ajdjss guild"
  2. And Search in the supplies section for "ajdjss guild".
  3. Or My Favorite is to visit our blog. Here you will get direct links to all our sites, the rest of the directions for the hunt and you can view the prizes!
When you visit our studios you will want to look for our special section called "Spring Cleaning"--check out this section for fabulous sales and specials on beautifully handcrafted jewelry and wonderful jewelry supplies. Deals you will find hard to resist.

I'm offering free shipping on any items found in those sections in each of my two please check it out!

Happy Treasure Hunt!


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